Our approach

Prototype Driven Development (PDD)

What is PDD?

Prototype Driven Development is the next evolution of software development. It’s a process that uses visual communication to continually unite business vision, technical expertise, and customer validation to drive web and mobile software development. Building on best practices, such as Design Thinking, Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, and Agile and Lean philosophies, Prototype Driven Development resolves people and process challenges. 



It is well known that software projects often fail. In fact, on average, they run 45 percent over budget, while delivering 56 percent less value than predicted. And 17 percent of large technology projects go so badly that they can threaten the very existence of the company. With Cyrus, a top development consultancy, we created Prototype Driven Development to overcome major product pitfalls.
Major Product Pitfalls
1. Unclear product vision
2. Organization politics
3. Lack of product ownership
4. Unvalidated decisions

Capture new ideas

Within 10 days, the team is united around and inspired by the product vision, which they can easily communicate and share.


Faster consensus

The inclusive, iterative process manages expectations and drives internal consensus, politically paving the way for great products.


Better decision making

The transparent process empowers Business Owners, helping them steer clear of technical minutiae and focus on decisions that impact the user.


Reduce product risk

Every 10 days, stakeholders can interact with an updated product. By constantly validating the product, it has the best chance to succeed against its objectives.


Cyrus is a NYC development consultancy with a proven history in architecting and implementing enterprise level systems and custom mobile and web apps. We partner with Cyrus throughout the development process: their technical leads play a critical role in defining the product vision and assessing its technical feasibility, and their polygot programmers specialize in cutting-edge development languages and processes.

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