Our team

Josh Wexler
Co-Founder & CEO
Eli Bozeman
Co-Founder & President
Doug Von Kohorn
Head of Technology
Jeremy Sklaroff
Director of Business Development
Danielle tomson
Product Partner
marci Pasenello
Product Partner
Parsa Kamali
Director of Design

Our beliefs

These are the things we think are really important.

There’s no such thing as an epiphany.

A great idea starts from a real, clearly articulated problem. Eurekas are the payoff for precise method and sustained focus.


Software projects should be approachable.

Everyone should be able and excited to start a software project. The process should be transparent and inclusive, not cryptic and specialized. We’ve done our job when clients walk away excited about technology and empowered to use it.

Prototype. Prototype. Prototype. 

Prototypes are better than presentations. Iteration is better than perfection. We prototype throughout the development process to build understanding, prevent waste, and pave the way for a shared vision of success.


Great software takes more than great code.

Great software requires an interdisciplinary mindset, a focused yet flexible process, and a steady flow of communication between business, technology experts, and customers to string it all together. Great software is built by the voices and hands of many.

Never stop being inspired.

We adopt best practices from pioneers that came before us, and continuously learn from contemporaries who are doing it right.

  • Lean Principles
  • Design Thinking
  • Agile Development Philosophies
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Behavior-Driven Development